Welcome to W.O.M.A.N.!

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Welcome to Women of Michigan Action Network!

Whatever brought you to our site today, we welcome you. Feel free to explore our content and connect with us.

Currently, most of our communications to our members is done through a social media outlet. If you’re looking to connect, please send us your name and email address. You can find us on Facebook, or you can connect to us at WomanActionNetwork98@gmail.com

If you’re looking for our upcoming public events and actions, check out our Events tab or our Facebook page. We are a volunteer group, so we may not be as timely with our content as we’d like, so connect with us directly if you want to stay more up to date!

We host local meetings once a month where we connect with each other, discuss and plan local action, and plan our public events.

We are progressive and non-partisan. We welcome anyone aligned to our values who wants to actively participate in our democracy and hold our elected representatives accountable.