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W.O.M.A.N. is in the news! We have been hard at work since November of 2016, and we are getting noticed!

Check out our YouTube channel and our Year in Review video!

Year in Review

Midland Daily News highlighted WOMAN as we celebrated a year of action!


Vigil for the ACA

WNEM was one of three local news channels covering our fight to save the ACA.


WOMAN meets with Rep. Moolenaar

WOMAN met with Rep. Moolenaar today after the invitation he extended in response to our Show of Presence yesterday.

We made progress in that he agreed to participate in an open forum during his April recess! We will continue to be in touch with him to ensure the forum meets the demand of truly open, transparent, and a dialog.

We were pleased that WNEM was there today, keeping in the spirit of transparency.

Rep. Moolenaar was combative at times, and worked to deflect the conversation from our demands. Our Action Captains and action team members in attendance were civil and firm, and our primary goal for our first meeting was met.

Congratulations, Action Team!


WOMAN calls for meeting with Moolenaar


Islamic Center Meet and Greet

WOMAN partnered with the Islamic Center when a Muslim WOMAN member, Umbareen Jamil, offered to open the center for a bridge building event.

Televised coverage

Text coverage:


Local High School Paper – Action Meeting coverage 

we enjoyed these up and coming journalists visiting one of our action meetings to understand how engaged citizens work together!



Midland Sister March – January 21, 2017


See our co-founders on WNEM talking about the March on Washington


See one of our co-founders talk about the buses to Washington on ABC 12


Midland Daily News on our Washington participation


WOMAN held a rally in Midland in December 2016

Midland Daily News:

Midland Rally


MLive (Saginaw and Bay City):